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Desert Safari Brings Positive Change in Dubai

Desert Safari Brings Positive Change in Dubai

We began Desert Safari Dubai to safeguard the neighborhood climate and protect the nearby culture and legacy. This mission forms all that we do; from turning into the main camp to run totally on sunlight based power, giving north of 1 million dirhams towards desert protection, offering legitimate food and amusement, to keeping away from hill slamming and offering free visits to youthful understudies at nearby foundation schools.
Desert Safari Dubai is the only desert safari organization in Dubai to offer natural life drives rather than hill slamming, which the earth is harming. Indeed, rise slamming is the primary source of severe desertification and ecological debasement where desert vegetation and untamed life are lost.

  • Eco-friendly Camps:

At the Dubai Sustainable Tourism Awards 2019, our desert camps were granted the most reasonable in the business. Desert Safari Dubai was additionally perceived as the general Renewal Energy Leader in Dubai’s travel industry and accommodation industry. Our desert camps are fabricated customarily out of natural substances like wood, stone, and goat hair inside a Royal desert retreat. We work in our camps with sun-based power and have carried out hearty waste decrease and reusing techniques in the entirety of our tasks.

  • Emirati Cultural Heritage:

We rejuvenate the Emirati social legacy with our lively camps, genuine food, and customary diversion. Our visitors make a stride back on schedule and experience what Dubai resembled 50 years prior. We acquaint them with the Bedouin lifestyle and offer them the chance to find out about the rich customs of these travelers of the Arabian Desert.
Neighborhood Cuisine
Probably the ideal way to find out about a culture is through attempting its food. Not at all like the majority of the desert safari organizations in Dubai, has our Desert Safari Dubai exhibited the credible cooking of Dubai.

  • Our Morning Desert Safaris

Our Morning Desert Safaris include traditional Bedouin morning meals with renowned neighborhood dishes. On the Evening Desert Safaris visitors are blessed to receive a 4-course supper of nearby top picks like

  • Sheep ouzi
  • Camel meat stew
  • Kibbeh

All through the experience, visitors are acquainted with the social meaning of the dishes; here, visitors get to gain and relish delightful food from the area.

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