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Dubai Falcon Shows - Exciting Events for Tourists

Dubai Falcon Shows – Exciting Events for Tourists

If you know what is famous in the UAE, you must understand Falcon. They are well established in Dubai’s set of experiences and are viewed as social symbols throughout the UAE. Indeed, they’re so exceptionally respected that pictures of Falcon should be visible on road signs, neighborhood money, and are even the public image of the UAE.

At Desert Safari Dubai, we offer a wide assortment of expert bird of prey shows and encounters on most of our Desert Safaris. Our encounters range from private falcon shows to an intuitive flying predators show and, surprisingly, a sight-seeing balloon ride with the world’s just in-flight Falcon exhibit.

Present-day Falconry

Falconry is old craftsmanship that has been rehearsed for millennia, yet the methods utilized have advanced significantly in many years.

To give visitors openness to both the old and the new, we provide a cutting-edge intuitive Falconry showing on two of our Desert Safari Dubai. This incorporates showings of the customer and current procedures used to prepare the Falcon. Greetings tech gear like very good quality robots are utilized to keep the birds of prey fit.
On this experience, visitors watch Falcon arrive at speeds up to 300km/h as they fly and take off the skies around the robot. These are brilliant bird of prey shows and are incredible for anybody keen on perceiving how Falconry has advanced throughout the long term.

Bedouin Falconry

Hunting with birds of prey is restricted in many regions inside the UAE; however, local people keep them as mates and frequently think of them as individuals from the family. This bond is shown directly in our Bedouin falcon show, a true Dubai Falconry exhibit that an Emirati Falconer leads.

The Bedouin bird of prey show is essential for the Bedouin Collection of encounters. This is the customary bird of prey show and consolidates numerous parts of Bedouin life into a completely vivid encounter.

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