Quad Bashing Dubai

Quad Bashing Dubai - Quad Biking 2022

Quad Bashing is very popular in Dubai, especially among tourists. It is driving from dunes to dunes at a different speed. Quad Bashing will be full of fun with Desert Safari Dubai. You will enjoy your biking on the soft sand. However, you need to take care of the soft dunes so the driver can easily ride the bike. You must be a very skilful driver since quad biking is required to drive because of its different paths. You cannot go there with a causal bike; you need a three-wheeler. It gives you the strength and a natural grip on the path of dunes to drive. The air pressure of the tire is low.

If you are going to Dubai on your vacation, Safari desert and its various rides and entertainment are waiting for you. It includes sandboarding, quad biking, road ride, camels ride and many more. The belly dance, fire show, hennas, and dinner in a Bedouin-style camp are full of excitement. These things you can do without the bike, and it is guaranteed that you will enjoy the tour safari. 

Enjoy Quad biking with Desert Safari DXB.

The Safari desert is a very different kind of world. It is unlike the city of Dubai. Desert Safari DXB picks you up from your residence or hotel; it will take you to the Safari desert in 45 minutes. The desert is very different because it has no big buildings or noise like the city. It has just soft sand and dunes which are everywhere you see. 

This is the time to have a thrilling ride with the help of quad biking. It is full of fun and thrill. If you want some thrill, you should go for the ride on your own. It is simple and easy for the majority of the visitors, so they enjoy it a lot. You can drive your bike and enjoy the adventure in the desert. It does not need any special skills to drive your bike. In all Desert Safari tours, you will have fun Quad biking

How long does it take to reach the Desert?

 This ride consists of 45 minutes, and your captain will take you too big to small and small to big soft dunes. After 30 minutes, the captain stops the car on a big dune so you can click selfies, capture the moment and send it to your friends. They will perform stunts that will please you. You will surely enjoy sliding, skidding and also the spinning ride. 

Can I accompany my children on Quad biking?

It is not suitable for toddlers and children. However, teens can enjoy it without any hassle. They can ride alone because it does not need any special driving skills. Your management team will provide safety gear like helmets and belts to save you from injury or accident. People often think that there may be an age limit in safari desert or on the rides, but fortunately, they are wrong. Only the dune bashing is age-restricted in that the age group of 4 to 11 can attend the ride, but the child of 1 to 3 age can. You have to inform us before so we can arrange a child booster for the infant, and he/she can enjoy his/her first dune bashing. The children above 11 years are categorized in the adult category. 

What other activities you will enjoy here?

Not only this, on your Desert Safari trips, you will have many things to do here. This tour includes some exciting things like camel ride, dune bashing, sandboarding, fire show, horse riding, belly dance, The Egyptian Dance, and Barbeque, which also have veg and non-veg option. You can avail both options as per your choice. 


It is an alternative to snowboarding. It is enjoyable for the people who love to taste thrilled. You will get sandboards here and enjoy riding on sand. 

Dune Bashing

Drive a 4×4 car on the soft sand and enjoy slipping, dripping, skidding and driving your car on the sand. It is fun and thrilling for the majority of the users. 

Do you want discount tickets?

It is possible to book your Safari tour and tell clearly which trip you will choose. The customer staff will help you in choosing your trip. Moreover, you can avail the offers and special packages with the desert Safari DXB. No doubt, they are very easy to access online. 

Desert Safari Packages In Dubai 2022:

Burjul Al Arab

Exclusive Dubai City Tour

Dubai City Tour Includes:
 Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab, and
other Sights Seeing with a Tour Guide.

Hata Wadi

Hatta Tour From Dubai

Hatta Tour Includes:
Hatta Dam, Hatta Heritage Village,
Hatta Hill Park, Kayaking, & More.


Abu Dhabi City Tour

Abu Dhabi City Tour Includes:
Visit Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque,
Ferrari World, and Other Sightseeing

Desert Safari Camel Ride



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Desert Safari


PER PERSON: 275 AED  Pick & Drop:  Available on Land Cruiser Services included: ATV Quad Bike, Camel Ride VIP Seating Area & Much More