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The View At The Palm

The View At The Palm

You will love the view of the palm. Palm Dubai is an artificial offshore island in the United Arab Emirates. It is the site of private hotels and residences. The archipelago resembles a beautiful palm tree within the circle from the air. In the early 21st century, the Palm Jumeirah was constructed. If you visit Palm Island with Desert Safari DXB, you will enjoy it. They will be your excellent traveling partner. With your exclusive travel company, you may live the traditional life of a Palm Island resident. At reasonable rates, the vacation rental firm offers accommodations in some of the unique residences in the city.

The island is a beautiful site to view and enjoy living here. The majority of the tourists come to visit this area.

About the trip

It’s a time to start your journey to Palm Island in Dubai at 7 am from Dubai and departure to Jumeirah and includes a conveyance in your package, as well as a night’s stay in the stunning hotels, of course, the chance to watch a fantastic roster of musicians, sights and many other things. Visiting this island is one of the popular Dubai activities.

Breakfast is included in the packages, and you will depart for Palm Island. During your travel, you will enjoy sightseeing in desert viewpoints. It will be a mind-blowing experience to view all these sites. The majority of the people love Desert Safari Dubai. Deserts beside the roads can make your trip memorable for the rest of your life.


The climate is hot year-round in the area. The weather is scorching here and moderate in winter and fall in the summer month. January is the coldest month of the year. Visiting Dubai in January can be a wise decision for tourists.

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