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Things to do in Evening Desert Safari Dubai

Things to do in Evening Desert Safari Dubai

Evening Desert Safari is a must-do activity if you want to make memories. People who love nature must have the experience to visit desert Safari in Dubai. No doubt, it is full of excitement and fun by organizing Desert Safari Dubai. Beginning in the afternoon, you can take a rest at the 1st destination, neat a camel farm. Here, you will get the chance the experience sunset in the desert ocean. Sandboarding and camel riding are very common things to do here. This is the time when you come to know about traditional Arabian life.

Sunset or sunrise views

Witnessing sunset, sunrise, or both is one of the most beautiful activities you will enjoy during Evening Desert Safari Dubai. If you are a photography lover, there are many things for your interest. You will enjoy capturing a few images of this beautiful sight.

Camel ride

During your trips, there are many things to do, such as a Morning desert safari. Take in the changing hues of the breathtaking dunes in the desert as you hop on the back of the camel and experience a wobbly ride. Thrill and fun apart, it offers you an insight into the humble lifestyle of the old Emirates. Ancient Arabs used this humble creature for transportation.

Quad Bashing

Who does not love this activity? Visitors, who book for the Overnight Desert Safari, love to do this activity. Quad bashing does not need any license or prior experience, so the majority of the people enjoy it. No doubt, this is a wonderful adventure for outdoor lovers.

Not only this, you will enjoy a beautiful henna design on the feet and hands. This Evening Desert Safari Dubai indulges you in a mood of celebrations with shisha and barbecue food. On the Arabian tunes, watch the belly dance at the campsite. All these activities will be in your memories for the rest of your life.

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