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Tour to Dubai Miracle Garden

Tour to Dubai Miracle Garden – Everything To Know About

There are lots of places to visit in Dubai. You can go anywhere and enjoy your vacation. But when you need thrill and excitement and are fond of an imaginary world, the thin Dubai Miracle Garden is the most suggested one. If you are a fairy tale person, like a world where you can live a lifeless life and get bored with Disneyland, then Dubai miracle world will welcome you full of heart and warmth. With your family, friends, and children, you can come here with Desert Safari Dubai. It is not specified by gender or age. 

What is Dubai Miracle Garden?

The gates of Dubai Miracle Garden reopen in winter when the weather becomes chilled, and people can enjoy the flowers in full bloom. It was opened 9 years ago on Valentine’s Day. The idea of Miracle Garden was proposed by Dubai properties group destination and Dubai land. This project was estimated at 40 Million. Dubai Miracle Garden has achieved its name in the Guinness book three times. It was the largest vertical garden in the whole world. This is one of the most popular Dubai activities. It also has created a history of creating the biggest flower structure globally. There is a garden that is decorated with colorful flowers and trees. 

How can you visit?

There is a beautiful heart tunnel that symbolizes love. You can go there with your loved ones and enjoy such a romantic scenario and make memories for your whole life. Also, there is an eye-catching view of the lake. There is a large floral clock. Time always scares us by moving fast or sometimes by not passing, but this clock is so unique that it came from worldwide to see this one. You can book the tickets online and get them as early as possible. So what are you waiting for? Just book your tickets and enjoy the unique scenes of this miracle garden and other Theme parks in Dubai.

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