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What to wear in the desert Safari?

There are two famous desert Safaris such as early morning Safari to view the sunrise and partake the breakfast in the desert. On the other hand, evening Safari around sundown. It is the best way to enjoy the desert Safari night because there are many things to do here like dune bashing, watching dances, camel riding, belly dance, traditional dance and many more. In the night Safari, traditional BBQ is one of the best activities here. All these activities are full of fun and entertainment so that the majority of the people love to spend their time here.

About weather:

The Winter season is the right time to visit Dubai since the climate is suitable to enjoy a desert safari dxb here. It is a desert area that bears a hot and humid climate for the whole year so that people avoid coming out from homes in summer. The humidity level is very high in the evening and scorching heat in the day time so all outdoor activities are limited. It is not safe to spend time in the desert in summer. In the winter months’ the weather is moderate and there is not much cold here. On the rainy days of December, the weather is cloudy and very pleasant. This is the right time for outdoor activities.

Suitable attire in Desert Safari:

You need an adjustable, breathable, and neutral attire for both cold and hot temperatures. The wind is strong in the Desert so you need to wear attire that can provide shelter from sand and dust. It blazes sunny in the desert afternoons. In winter, you may experience cold evenings, nights, and mornings.

It is important to wear dresses that can be suitable as per the activities at desert Safari. You will be busy in dune bashing, quad biking, and others. T-shirts and jeans are the right options for those who are enjoying the desert Safari.

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