Popular-Dubai-Activities for Couples and Families:

The majority of the adventure lover likes Dubai because the state is rich in beach sites and social activities. There are several areas that offer scenic beauty for the nature lover. On these sites, there are several things to do. Galapagos is not an over-crowded country due to the tourists, but there are several attractions for the tourists. Locals know English, and this is a great trait for tourism. You will love several surfing spots and popular Dubai activities.


Dubai is the state that is full of fun and entertainment so that you can enjoy visiting music venue, cinemas, museums and malls as well as Ferrari theme park. With century old customs, there are several options for history and art lovers to explore museums. If you are visiting Dubai with your family, then you kid and children will love to visit theme parks and fair grounds.

Dune Bashing

If you are an adventure lover, then red dunes in Dubai are the right place for you. In your desert safari tours, you will enjoy dune bashing. If you are looking for something exhilarating, then you will find it in the red desert area of Dubai. At the top speed around the dunes, in your four-wheel drive, you will enjoy the real delight of thrill. Camel ride at the end of the day will complete your excitement.

Hot-Air Balloon

At sunrise, fly over the red orange Dubai desert in a hot air balloon. It is an activity that is completely full of fun and you will enjoy the real thrill of flying on the desert. It is a wonderful site to watch gazelles roaming the sands, walking camels, people and many more at 4,000 feet high. Guests get open air transport in vintage Land Rovers and the hearty breakfast. You will definitely love this activity.


Dinner in the sky

Yes, true to its name, enjoy this unique activity. In the air 50-meters high, you will have your dinner in the sky. It is one of the most unique dining experiences across the globe that you can enjoy during your evening desert Safari Dubai. Make sure no one have acrophobia because you are fifty meters higher in the air. It is your wish that which time you choose for this activity from afternoon tea, dinner, and lunch.

Christmas lights

At Christmas time, if you are in Dubai, then do not miss this activity. This is the time when the world is waiting for the grand festival of Christmas. Not a single event; there are different festivals organized to celebrate this occasion. People decorate their surroundings with Christmas lights and other decoration items. The majority of the people visit the places to spend their Christmas holidays, and millions of the people come to join the festivals organized on this event.

Drive thru lights show

Christmas drive-thru lights show is one of the most famous festivals. It showcases the spectacular lighting display with different lights. With plenty of wonderful attractions and huge ground to view, you will love to spend your time driving through the wonderland that is decorated with plenty of lights. It is a lights festival where you can drive in the lights. The majority of the people come to be a part of this festival and buy a ticket to join it, and in different areas, the ticket price is different. It depends on the land range and attractions of the event. Across the globe, this is the most famous event, and this is sure to be an instant family Christmas tradition. The ticket pricing never increases by the increase of the family members in your vehicle.

Night Fun in Dubai

New Year Festivals

Over millions of lights in New Year Festivalyou can see several dazzling displays that are wonderful to grab your attention. It showcases favorites including the Santa and his reindeer, larger-than-life nativity, Cascade splendor mountain scene, light tunnel, and many more. Every year, there are many things to view and this year, you will see many new things. All these things are designed to make your experience memorable, and it will be ever-lasting for you and your family. Never miss this event; you are welcome with your friends and family. Moreover, there are many things for kids.

Enjoy your favorite hot beverages and snacks

No event is complete without eatables, snacks, and drinks. Similarly, in Dubai during your desert safari tours, you will get plenty of things to have fun with. Enjoy this tour with donuts, snacks, drinks, beverages, and many more. You will make your experience memorable because there are many things for your refreshment.

It does not matter which product you add to a cart here; you will find a broad range of stuff. Not only this, the reason behind the success of events near Dubai is their well-informed and experienced staff. They will guide you about the rules and regulations to attend the event. It is one of the best options for the new visitors to get information about the rules and regulations suitable for them and fulfill their needs.

If you want to learn more about the evening desert Safari Dubai, you must visit their official website. In the FAQ section, you will get the answer to your questions. In this section, you can see the rules and regulations to attend the event. Moreover, their front-desk staff can guide you about it in detail. It is clear that the organization is a name of excellence, and they are famous in the industry for their transparency.

Frequently Asked Question!

Yes, the state management organize the festivals and events and government always focuses on 100% natural and safety control under their supervision.

The admin has re-organized these locations to give a unique experience for ease and health protection. You can buy eatables, snacks, other drinks with trust, understanding that their workers follow all the safety rules such as social distancing, personal hygiene, safety gear, health checks, and cleanliness protocols.

From production to packaging, they always pay attention to the entire process. In this way, they take care of things that are highly suitable for the visitors.

Desert Safari Packages In Dubai 2022:

Burjul Al Arab

Exclusive Dubai City Tour

Dubai City Tour Includes:
 Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab, and
other Sights Seeing with a Tour Guide.

Hata Wadi

Hatta Tour From Dubai

Hatta Tour Includes:
Hatta Dam, Hatta Heritage Village,
Hatta Hill Park, Kayaking, & More.


Abu Dhabi City Tour

Abu Dhabi City Tour Includes:
Visit Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque,
Ferrari World, and Other Sightseeing

Desert Safari Camel Ride



If You Have Car Then Reduce No Transportation Cost



Pick & Drop: AVAILABLE
All Standard Services

Desert Safari


PER PERSON: 275 AED  Pick & Drop:  Available on Land Cruiser Services included: ATV Quad Bike, Camel Ride VIP Seating Area & Much More